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Accommodating persons with disabilities

Do gender differences exist in regards to the amount and types of accommodations requested?

Are women more likely than men to request expensive accommodations?

Examples of reasonable accommodations include providing an interpreter during meetings for those with hearing impairments, modifying or purchasing specialized equipment for those with a physical, sensory or cognitive limitations, modifying a work schedule, and making existing facilities more accessible for workers (i.e., building a wheelchair-accessible ramp).

For instance, the role of gender in the accommodation process is rarely discussed.

As a result, this paper seeks to analyze if any gender disparities exist in terms of the types, costs, and outcomes of requested accommodations.

Open and closed-ended data are collected using a 20-minute structured telephone interview of JAN customers (n= 1,247; 44% response rate).

The results show very few differences between men's and women's accommodation request types, whether or not accommodations were granted, the costs of requested accommodations, and satisfaction with JAN.

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Title I of the ADA additionally requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to any qualified individual with a disability who may be either applying for a job or already working with this company, agency, etc.

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