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Akon posted an interview with his new artist Colby O’Donis on his My Space TV channel.Akon writes, “This is my secret weapon He is the real deal I would put him up against any artist his age and then some.” Colby talked about being excited about his debut album, writing everything on the disc, not having a specific writing style, incorporating guitar into his music, having a goal to be “once of the most amazing dancers out there” in a year, the female love, and how he was hustling for a long time before getting his big break. If you put your mind to it, you can do it, all you gotta do is persue it.[Chorus:] I’m a hustle man, hustle man. Yeah.[Pre-Chorus:] I don’t know how, (don’t know how) know how to quit. Cause I worked so hard and it’s my time, my time to shine.

I’m scared I’ll never fall in love again They say that I’m crazy, for keeping my baby I’m scared I’ll never fall in love again..oohhhh [3x] When I see you cry, it breaks my heart im a sucka for love, all our break ups, to make ups but we kiss and love each other all day but today ain’t the same, like it used to be for you and me. So I’m staying on my toes I never get to comfortable but when I run into you I just seem to lose control, ohh Didn’t mean I get so caught up Now I’m calling you constantly I can feel the attraction attracting me to ya And I’m so caught up no no don’t you ever leave Just stay with me, just stay with me[Chorus] Finally gravity pulled us closer I feel like somebody just knocked me over and I’m falling I’m falling so in love with you, with you, with you Now I thought it only worked on suckers Can nobody fit the game on me?You never fail, unless you quit, listen to your heart and just stick with it. Cause I worked so hard and it’s my time, my time to shine.IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME – Ten two letter words that will talk to me.[Pre-Chorus:] I don’t know how, (don’t know how) know how to quit. Cause I worked so hard and it’s my time, my time to shine.[Verse 2:] So stick to the fight when your hardest hit, it’s when things seem worse that you mustn’t quit. Heh, remember, quitters never win, and winners never quit. May is usually a big month for Jordan Knight – he celebrates his birthday on the 17.But in addition to turning the big 4-1, the New Kids on the Block singer will also release two albums on consecutive weeks.

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