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0990843000 Fender Custom Telecaster Special HH Black Nickel Bridge Assembly 0062381000. Fender Chrome Bridge Cover Plate Fender Tele chrome bridge cover plate. Fits Teles with traditional stamped steel bridges from the '50s up to the present. Heavy chrome plated steel bridge plate measures 76.09mm X 42.64mm. Six individual bright chrome finished diecast saddles.

Black-nickel plated bridge assembly for use with Custom Telecaster Special HH guitars manufactured from 2003-2004 (does not retrofit to most U. Fender Highway 1 Tele 3 Saddle Bridge Fender Highway One Telecaster 3 saddle bridge assembly with mounting screws. Fender Hot Rod Vintage Tele Bridge Assembly Telecaster bridge assembly complete with 3 saddles, screws, springs, Pat Pend bridge plate with serial number, wrench and installation instructions. Fender Pure Vintage '58 Telecaster Saddle Kit Kit includes three nickel plated non-threaded saddles, intonation springs, slotted intonation screws and height adjustment screws. Fender Squier Tele Thinline Six Saddle Bridge Chrome plated steel bridge plate punched for classic Tele bridge pickup.

Fender Tele Vintage Brass Bridge Saddles, Set of 3 Tele '52 USA reissue solid brass bridge saddle sets, 3 saddle type, with nickel plated steel springs, slotted pan head intonation length screws and slotted nickel plated saddle height screws. Fender Vintage Slotted Bridge Saddle Length Adjustment Screws, One Dozen Fender Tele '52 style USA Vintage Series bridge saddle length adjustment screws, nickel plated steel, slotted pan head (called "cheese head" in the UK). Fender Import Squier Telecaster Custom Six Saddle Bridge Assembly With Mounting Screws. Fender 0073889000 Fender Squier Telecaster Tele Six Saddle Bridge Heavy chrome plated steel bridge plate punched for classic Tele bridge pickup. Many of the and later models will have a serial number that says one thing and the date in the neck pocket in the body or on the butt end of neck that says something different.Yet if you take the dating japanese stratocaster off they can be !The custom model was introduced in 1959 and was discontinued in 1970 which featured a sunburst finish and a bound edge.In 1968 Fender introduced the "Thin Line" Telecaster with traditional hardware and a single F hole in the body plus and a new pick guard design. The Elite model was introduced in 1983 and featured new pickups and circuitry however was short lived and was discontinued in 1985.

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These Japanese Fender guitars made after used a single letter followed by five or six digits.

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