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I spend way too much time reading stuff on the Internet.

I read dating blogs, feminist blogs, Manosphere blogs, all of it.

They were fine but they only touched on the why basics and then focused on the gimmick techniques too much with too little about it being part of becoming a better man. But quite the opposite of what the above comment suggests.

I did like Mystery’s 9-stage diagramming system as a means to keep it organized in my mind, as I am a visual person with an expertise in system behaviour, so these diagrams are helpful. Because I got better at being an attractive man, I was able to attract higher quality women, not lower quality women.

(We still refer to things as DLV and DHV – Demonstration of Lower/Higher Value, as per Mystery’s system.)And I still use it with her.I had women coming up to me asking about it, including the cute bartender we saw every week who had never said much to me before. I learned sexual banter and witty remarks, and why women actually like this.I also learned signals for when they don’t like it.None of this would be possible hand I just kept thinking the same way I used to even though I was kind, empathetic, and a genuine person then. (The “inner game”, as he’d call it, vs the “outer game” which is skills.) However, in general, PUA material has plenty of good stuff if you keep the goal in mind and interpret it in that context.I do highly recommend David D, at least the Advance Dating Series and Mastery Series.

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Certainly they aren’t attracted to men in the same way that men are attracted to women.

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