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ICON’s composition seamlessly transitions through its dry-down to such an extent that some may claim it to be linear.

However, the wide palate of diverse notes ensure that the fragrance follows a constant theme.

The 2017 formulation appears to contain notes of labdanum, which adds an oily, animalistic musk.

This further brings out the orris-leather accord created by the agarwood oud resinous aromas.

Overall, this creates a complex contrast with the aromatic notes of sage, juniper and cardamon.

The 28-year-old has been battling a rib injury thought to have been caused by over-practicing in the off-season while attempting to choose a new club manufacturer."It's not a factor when I'm out on the course, but it's a factor off the course in terms of how much time I can practice,” Mc Ilroy said in August."It's catch 22 because I want to play and I can play, but I can't put the practice in that I need to to get myself up in contention.

He added: “It’s a tough one because I go out there and play and shoot decent scores, but when I come off the course, I feel my left rhomboid going into spasm.“The inside of my left arm goes numb.”And Mc Ilroy is looking to avoid a first season without a win since 2008.

It was revised in October 2017 to include the Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula.

BUFF is a review matrix developed by Paul Anthony and Charles-Philippe Bowles, which standardises Bespoke Unit’s fragrance reviews.

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After all, everyone interprets a given fragrance slightly differently, like a fine whisky or wine.

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