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She’ll be happy to, in fact, and all she wants in return is to be truly cared for.Be sweet to this girl - as you probably already know she’s all smiles, sympathy, and kindness and she needs a little bit of that in return.Unfortunately our paths in life diverter and we were never able to meet again till recent I have met this Taurus-Gem guy on a dating site. Idk Im a virgo or a leo coz some blog said 23 august is Leo and some a virgo. I know a few Libras and a few Scorpios but I click better with Scorpio over Libra so...thanks for the input!

An Aries/Taurus Cusper will be more open to acknowledging his needs and weaknesses, he'll have a more balanced approach to love – not seeking to control or to be controlled. A Pisces woman will let him take control, which is good considering someone born an Aries/Taurus Cusper is born a leader.

Those born on the Aries/Taurus Cusp will experience aspects of both signs, which can balance some of the negative characteristics associated with both signs, especially when it comes to love.

An Aries man can be arrogant, struggling to acknowledge even his smallest shortcomings, as well as overwhelmed by the need to control his relationship, to fully possess his partner in some cases.

Any way I really enjoy talking to her about some of those topics. Is it just me or Scorpios tend to get along better with fire signs as friends? Air signs have a little more patience, but they can get passive and of course need plenty more space.

I guess Okay I’m a Pisces female dating a Scorpio man and I just don’t get him sometimes.

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