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Robbie rogers dating

When you have to hide that much and lie about [it], it creates this monster inside you." He told Shriver that it wasn't until his mid 20s, when he dated boyfriend Greg Berlanti and came out to his family, that he finally found happiness.

"From the moment I told my sisters and my mom and my dad, they told me, 'We love you so much.

But he’s also getting some attention for his personal life these days because he’s dating LA Galaxy star Robbie Rogers, the first openly Major League Soccer player in history. I’m absolutely crazy in love with him so I don’t think too much about all that (attention),’ he tells .

‘Yeah, one day I would love to have a family and that’s a big part of my own personal dreams,’ he says.

Stephen appears in the pilot episode and we know Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) is in episode 4 of . But when we do the bigger ones where there’s hopefully multiple people going across multiple episodes, that’s going to be a logistical nightmare, but it’s exciting so I think everyone will kind of just hunker down and figure it out.

So there will be a story that starts on one show and then jumps into the other?

With what happens to Barry in becoming The Flash, can that be undone? GB: We’re dealing with that in an episode right now about how intrinsic biologically and emotionally his abilities may be. We ask a lot of science-based questions about him and his abilities prior to that.

We do try to always deal with them in a way that’s TV-real medically but it really is a pronounced episode in seven. GB: We don’t know how we’re going to do the bigger, fuller crossovers yet but certainly if we have a character we know we can rest them there if we bring them here.

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"[It] made me think, well, I'm never coming out and playing this sport, because when they find out, they're not going to want to be my coach, or I'm not going to be able to play soccer anymore." After Rogers left college to go pro, locker room conversations about women and sex made him feel he had to keep his secret.

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