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Sex hindo

We used to read nursery rhymes as children, science as adolescents and specialize in medical, engineering or accounts as grown-ups.

So why should not I celebrate when I have won something more precious than millions of such jackpots! And I proudly would stand to defend this right of each individual.Since Hinduism gives me this choice, and even encourages me to fearlessly counter the most popular variants, I find Hinduism more human, more liberal, more honest and more natural to me than any other way of life I am aware of. For example Judaism, Christianity and Islam have texts that have a very strong Middle-East flavor.Stories, rituals, culture and practices that relate to Middle-East era of middle ages.The goal of Hinduism is not to enforce a pre-decided set of ideas, books, Gods, avatars or prophets.Its goal is to provide a nurturing platform for each of us at each moment.

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