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The problem is that SQL Server Integration Services does not provide direct support for updating records based on some criteria.

This post will have a brief look over various solutions: Ole DB Command The most basic solution could be to use an Ole DB Command transformation for every input row. The most annoying thing in this approach is that Ole DB Command does not support named parameters and we need to write our update queries using “?

” like this: This could get tedious to maintain if we have lot of columns in our table since we need to map the ?

parameters in the exact order they appeared in the update query.

There are some more considerations that will be described later on.

Here’s a complete package that implements incremental updates to the Address table in a Data Warehouse.

However, since this approach also updates the records one by one so the performance may degrade if we have a lot of rows to update.

Here’s a simplified description of how Lookup works: it tries to match each incoming record with one or more records in the reference table.I hope that post helps others that are going to write SSIS packages as well.Please have your thoughts propagated using the comments section below.After that, we can simply write an update query with a join condition to update all the records in one-go.Here’s the dataflow sketch for this option: After the above dataflow, we will need to create an SQL Script control flow component to write our query and clears the staging update table. From Dim_my Dim Table D Inner Join Temp_my Dim Update Table U on D. Business Key --empty update table Truncate table Temp_my Dim Update Table Of course, this solution is an overhead if the records to be updated are small in number since it requires an staging table and is a two-pass solution.

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This could be the case when you are implementing Type 1 SCDs.

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