Who developed carbon 14 dating

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Who developed carbon 14 dating

De Vries thought the variation might be explained by something connected with climate, such as episodes of turnover of ocean waters.(7) Another possible explanation was that, contrary to what everyone assumed, carbon-14 was not created in the atmosphere at a uniform rate.

Some of the carbon-14 might find its way into living creatures.It was an anxious time for scientists whose reputation for accurate work was on the line.But what looks like unwelcome noise to one specialist may contain information for another.The prodigious mobilization of science that produced nuclear weapons was so far-reaching that it revolutionized even the study of ancient climates.Nuclear laboratories, awash with funds and prestige, spun off the discovery of an amazing new technique — radiocarbon dating.

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A stronger field would tend to shield the planet from particles from the Sun, diverting them before they could reach the atmosphere to create carbon-14.

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